Condo Insurance

Not all homes are single-family homes. If you live in a condo, then you need a special type of insurance policy that will cover your belongings and the structures within your home. You need a condo insurance policy, and our team at Whit Blanchard Insurance Group in Augusta, GA is here to assist.

What Your Georgia Condo Insurance Policy Covers

Just because you live in a condo doesn't mean that you can't fall prey to certain types of disasters that would impact any kind of homeowner or renter. Our condo insurance policies are designed to protect you, and your investment should something undesirable occur at your Georgia home. This means offering:

  • Personal property coverage to offer repair or full financial reimbursement should belongings like clothing, electronics, and furniture be stolen or damaged in a covered claim event.
  • Guest medical coverage to offer financial reimbursement for a guest's injuries that occurred on your property. This includes paying out for medical expenses even when you are not deemed to be at-fault for an incident.
  • Building property protection to assist with any repairs necessary should the interior of your condo be damaged in a covered event. This might surprise some people to learn, but only the public areas of your condo building are insured by any condo association you have. Should something like a built-in bookcase or countertop be damaged in a fire or flood, then it's your responsibility.
  • Personal liability coverage to pay for any legal expenses you might have regarding covered events associated with your condo. For example, if a guest slips and falls and sues you for medical expenses, then your condo insurance policy will pay both for the medical costs and a legal team to take care of all the legalese.

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Your condo is your home, and one of your most significant investments, and a condo insurance policy is a crucial way to ensure that property and your belongings within it stay protected. Contact our team at Whit Blanchard Insurance Group in Augusta, GA to learn more.