Renters Insurance

Is Renters Insurance Required in Georgia?

If you are renting a home or apartment in Augusta, GA, then you aren’t required by the state to have renter’s insurance, but your landlord may require it. Even if it is not needed, there are several reasons why you may want to have renter’s insurance. Your landlord’s insurance is not responsible for any damage to your personal property. In the event of a burglary, accident, or fire, you are responsible for replacing your own belongings, which can add up quickly. If you don’t have significant savings, then you may not be able even to replace your belongings after a disaster.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Georgia?

The main thing renter’s insurance covers are your personal belongings. The second thing is liability. This protects you if someone claims you are negligent, and this led to them suffering from property damage or bodily injury. Even if the claim is false, you would still have to defend yourself. The medical payments portion of coverage doesn’t require any fault to be found. If someone is injured at the home, then this provides a small amount of coverage, so there isn’t a liability claim. Loss of use coverage is something people often forget about, but it’s important. This covers you after a covered loss that prevents you from living in your home. It will help pay for additional living expenses.

There is also additional coverage that you can purchase. Speak with an agent at Whit Blanchard Insurance Group to see if it makes sense for you to get extra coverage. If you have assets of significant value, such as jewelry, you may want to add additional coverage to your policy. You may also want to add some additional liability to make sure your monetary assets are protected. Water backup coverage is also available since many policies don’t cover burst pipes.

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