Motor Home Insurance

Georgia is full of RV parks, beautiful lakes, gorgeous sights, and many campgrounds. You can take your family on a trip to the campground in your motorhome, which can make for an unforgettable journey. However, do not forget that accidents may happen no matter the conditions. Without the necessary insurance, an accident involving your motorhome could mean you owe a lot of money suddenly. We can help you choose an excellent plan for your motorhome here at Whit Blanchard Insurance Group in Augusta, GA.

Motorhome Insurance Requirements

If you own a car in the state of Georgia, it is highly recommended that you obtain the same amount of insurance for your motorhome as your auto insurance policy in the event of an accident. You always want to make sure that you at least carry bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage at the minimum. RV insurance is generally required if your RV is considered a motorhome (Class A or B). You should at least carry liability, especially if you plan on driving it through other states. If you have a financed motorhome, you can consider full coverage.

Motorhome Insurance Coverage

You can take advantage of any of the following coverage options for your motorhome:

  • Bodily injury - This policy will help cover the costs of other’s medical expenses as a result of an accident.
  • Property damage - This policy will help cover property damage that you caused while operating your motorhome.
  • Comprehensive - This policy will cover the costs of repairs if your motorhome gets damaged as a result of an accident but not with another car.
  • Collision - Collision will cover repair costs if your motorhome is damaged as a result of an accident with another vehicle.
  • Personal injury protection - This policy will cover the costs of medical expenses.


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